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First Year Introduction E-resources: Find Articles

For first year students who need an introduction to online resources UHWO library has to offer

UHWO Research Databases

The following is a list of introductory research databases that cover multi-subject areas. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly) Journals vs. Popular Magazines

"Check For Full Text" button

Not seeing a PDF or HTML icon next to the article that you'd like to access? Click on the CHECK FOR FULL TEXT button to see if UHWO Library has access to the article. Clicking on this button initiates a search for the article in our other library databases. If we own it, you'll be directly linked to the full-text article. If no full-text is available (and yes this does happen!), contact Alphie Garcia or any librarian to see what options there are in gaining access to the article.