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Hawaiian Studies LibGuide: Find Internet Resources

Basic resources for Hawaiian Studies 107 students.

Evaluating Internet Sources

There is a LOT of information available on the internet and many of them can look legitimate even if the information is false. Don't get catfished, run your sources through this simple test before you cite!

1. Currency
When was the information published? Has there been new findings that discredit previous information? Do all the links work?

2. Relevance
Does the information relate to your topic? Who is the audience? Did you look at other sources and this particular one is the best for your paper/project?

3. Authority
Who is author or publisher? What kind of ending does the URL have? *Remember that just because it has a .org doesnʻt mean it's accurate.

4. Accuracy
Has the information been reviewed by others? Where did the author get their information? Are there citations you can look back at? Can you spot any spelling or grammar errors?

5. Purpose
What was the author's intent in presenting this information? Is this fact or just the author's opinion? Is there an ulterior motive (i.e. to sell you something)?

Useful Internet Sources

Image courtesy of Hawaiian Photo Album digital collection at UH Mānoa.