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Library Events: 2018 - Events

Information about events hosted in the UHWO Library

1/8/18-1/9/18 - Meet & Greet

1/17/18 - Aloha ʻāina

Wed, January 17
ʻUluʻulu Exhibit Space

The ʻOnipaʻa speaker series kicks off on January 17th with UHWO instructor, Dr. Kalikolani Correa, who will present her dissertation about aloha ʻāina. Aloha ʻāina is a central point in the Hawaiian worldview which creates a rippling effect of knowledge and awareness that permeates all areas of life. The definition of aloha ʻāina in the Hawaiian Dictionary is translated as “love of the land or of one’s country; patriotism,” and it further explains that the many sayings connected to ʻāina illustrate the depth and rootedness of this love of the land in the Hawaiian worldview. By looking at the intersections of aloha ʻāina as both love of the land and love of country; patriotism, creates a space to postulate ways that aloha ʻāina is narrating the nation and providing continuity of Hawaiian national identity and consciousness.

1/25/18 - Kalaupapa: Restoration of Family Ties

Thurs, January 25
2nd Fl. Exhibition Space

This narrated slide show, presented by Valerie Monson of Ka ʻOhana o Kalaupapa, features historical and modern-day photos that chronicle the efforts of the ‘Ohana in helping families reconnect to their Kalaupapa ancestors. This event is FREE and open to the public.

2/12/18 - Bandits & Heroes, Poets & Saints (Opening Reception)

2/20/18 - ʻOnipaʻa: Kahiki

Tues, February 20
ʻUluʻulu Exhibit Space

Join panelists, Kealani Cook and Emalani Case, as they draw inspiration from their individual research on Kahiki--a name famed in Hawaiian stories and genealogies as a Pacific place of origin--to discuss the significance of reviving, strengthening, and maintaining connections between Hawaiʻi and the rest of Oceania. This panel will include footage from UH West Oʻahu's ʻUluʻulu archive that will feature events and historical moments that brought Pacific peoples together. 

Emalani Case is an Assistant Professor of Hawaiian-Pacific Studies at UH West Oʻahu. Her research frames Kahiki as a shifting and evolving term, one with a complex history linked to colonization and resistance. She is from Waimea, Hawaiʻi. 

Kealani Cook is an Assistant Professor of History at UH West Oʻahu.  His research examines Native Hawaiian connections to other parts of Oceania and other Oceanic peoples in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His book, Return to Kahiki, will be available from Cambridge University Press in February 2018.  He is also from Waimea, Hawaiʻi. 

3/8/18 - Coffee with a Cop

3/10/18 - Kalaupapa: Family Discussion

Sat, March 10
2nd Fl. Exhibition Space

Descendants of Kalaupapa residents are invited to attend a family discussion in the library to share memories of loved ones sent to Kalaupapa or how they learned about their ancestors who were sent there.

3/13/18 - Panel Discussion with Andre Wooten, Allison Francis Payton, and John Nichols

Tues, March 13
ʻUluʻulu Exhibition Space

A discussion of Brazil’s historical and cultural developments, practices as it relates to The Diaspora, arts and religion.

3/20/18 - ʻOnipaʻa: Native Knowledge, Shared Science


In celebration of the opening of the Roots of Wisdom: Native Knowledge. Shared Science. exhibit, Dr. Daniel Lipe (UHWO Sustainable Community Food Systems) and Dr. VerlieAnn Malina-Wright (Pacific American Foundation) will discuss the importance of synergizing indigenous knowledge and science for culture based integral education in Hawaiʻi.  Such integrated knowledge is widely applied to sustainable natural resource conservation, biodiversity preservation, and climate change adaptation and resilience.  They will share their experience of joy and challenges involved in integrating traditional knowledge and science.

3/20/18 - Reading & Talk Story Series

Tues, March 20
ʻUluʻulu Exhibit Space

This event is focusing on the student writers of UHWO. Each of these writers was recommended specifically for this reading and we are hoping to highlight the diversity of styles and content that our wonderful student population provides. Dry snacks will be provided. There is also a chance to win prizes by signing in on the sign-in sheet. Featuring: Loverra DiGiustino, Faith Pascua, Al Fernandez, Kanani Marcos, Kimberly Aken, and Shayna Souza This event is presented by Andy Godefroy. Questions: Email him at

4/6/18 - Book Launch - Returning to Kahiki: Native Hawaiians in Oceania

Fri, April 6
2nd Fl. Exhibition Space

A celebration of the release of Dr. Kealani Cook's book, Returning to Kahiki: Native Hawaiians in Oceania.

Week of 4/8/18 - National Library Week

4/17/18 - Chamber Music Hawaii: Honolulu Brass Quintet

Tues, April 17

4/20/18 - ʻOnipaʻa: Imagined Futures

Fri, April 20

The final panel for ʻOnipaʻa 2018 will explore the intersections of politics, history, and creativity as they relate to "imagined futures". Panelists will reflect on these three themes as they articulate their work in terms of activism, environment, and artistic expression. Featuring Page Chang, Kaheleonalani Dukelow, Solomon Enos, and Kaleikoa Kaeo

4/23/18-4/24/18 - Preservation Week

4/24/18 - Paws for Coffee

8/20/18-8/21/18 - Meet & Greet

8/27/18 - HI Nikkei: An Interactive Discussion

9/27/18 - Banned Books Trivia Night

10/3/18 - Coffee with a Cop

10/15/18 - Sexual Harassment in the Academy

10/17/18 - Chamber Music Hawaii: Galliard String Quartet

10/19/18 - The Long and Perilous Journey of Samoans to the NFL

11/26/18 - Chamber Music Hawaii: Spring Wind Quintet

11/27/18 - Reading and Talk Story

12/6/18 - University Strings Concert