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Japanese Americans in Hawaii during World War II: Resources: Databases and Articles

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UHWO Research Databases

Access any of the UHWO databases listed below (you will need to log in with your UH username and password to search them): 

Journal Articles

These full-text articles come from peer-reviewed journals that may help with your research (UHWO log-in required to access them):

1.  "Incarcerating Japanese Americans" by Roger Daniels 

This article talks about what was done to Japanese-Americans during World War II and asks the question: "Could it happen again?"

This article focuses on the Japanese-American experience during World War II to discuss the troubling ways that we (as a nation) have created an binary relationship of "Us" verus the "Other." 
This is a poem constructed to look like a personal letter written from a man serving in the 100th Infantry Battalion to his friend back home that talks about the war in Europe. 

Featured Resource: Densho Encyclopedia

The Densho Encyclopedia is a free and publicly accessible website that provides information on many aspects of the Japanese American story during World War II. This online encyclopedia is vetted by a group of professors and scholars in history and Asian American studies.

A couple of examples of the benefits of using a vetted, subject-specific source like this is that there is scholarly information on topics that might not necessarily be covered in more generalized encyclopedias:

Honouliuli Internment Camp

No No Boys

Access the full free resource here: