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PUBA 310: Research Methods in the Public Sector

Guide to library resources for students in PUBA 310. Click on the tabs below to find information on different types of resources.

The Research Challenge

The Research Challenge is a series of tasks, or quests, that help you find high-quality, relevant information for an assignment. The quests will require you to find: 3 articles, 1 book/e-book/video, and 1 website. For each resource, you will have to conduct the CRAAP test, provide the citation, and write a brief summary. 

The Research Challenge quests are:

  • Quest 1 : Building background information and keyword vocabulary
  • Quest 2 : Finding Articles in UHWO Library Databases
  • Quest 3 : Finding a good book / ebook / video
  • Quest 4 : Finding a good website
  • Quest 5 : Creating a list of your sources (Annotated Bibliography) 
  • Quest 6 : Reflexion 
To complete the challenge you will need the following two documents:
  1. Research Challenge Help Manual -- to learn about the process
  2. Research Challenge Quest Forms -- to fill in the information related to your research