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Coral Reefs

Finding articles in EBSCO

The following EBSCOHost databases are useful for those doing research about coral reefs:

Academic Search Complete

Designed specifically for academic institutions, Academic Search Premier is a multi-disciplinary full text database containing full text for more than 4,600 journals, including nearly 3,900 peer-reviewed titles. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 8,500 journals. This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more. Academic Search Premier is an enormous collection of the most valuable peer-reviewed full text journals, offering critical information from many sources unique to this database. Examples of titles offered in Academic Search Premier include: American Historical Review, American Journal of Political Science, American Libraries, American Sociologist, British Journal of Psychology, British Journal of Sociology, Central European History, Contemporary Literature, Early American Literature, English Language Notes, Family Relations, International Journal of Psychology, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism, Journal of Counseling & Development, Journal of Education, Political Science Quarterly, Journal of General Psychology, Journal of Genetic Psychology, Journal of International Affairs, Journal of Learning Disabilities, Journal of Marriage & Family, Journal of Politics, Journal of Psychology, Journal of Social Psychology, Library Journal, Social Forces, Sociological Review, Theological Studies, Women's Studies, etc. PDF backfiles to 1975 or further are available for well over one hundred journals, and searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,000 titles. The majority of full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color.

Environment Complete

Environment Complete offers deep coverage in applicable areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, marine & freshwater science, geography, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and more. Environment Complete contains more than 1,957,000 records from more than 1,700 domestic and international titles going back to the 1940s (including 1,125 active core titles) as well as more than 120 monographs. The database also contains full text for more than 680 journals, including many of the most used journals in the discipline, such as Environment (back to 1975), Ecologist, Conservation Biology, etc. Additionally, Environment Complete provides full text for 120 monographs, such as Encyclopedia of World Environmental History (3 volumes), Advances in Water Treatment & Environmental Management, etc.


GreenFILE offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and local/national governments, and what can be done at each level to minimize these effects. Multidisciplinary by nature, GreenFILE draws on the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology. Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. The database provides indexing and abstracts for more than 538,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 5,800 records.


From the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library. Includes journal articles, books, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials, and technical reports.  All aspects of agriculture and related disciplines including plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources, alternative farming practices, and food and nutrition.

Can't think of keywords?

Finding keywords can be a challenge, especially if we are new to a subject.

If you are stuck trying to find a keyword, take out your textbooks and notes. Lecture notes taken during your class time and notes taken while you read your textbook can help you find keywords to search for materials.

Here are some examples:

  • coral reefs & islands
  • corals
  • coral reef fishes
  • coral reef ecology
  • biotic communities
  • reefs
  • habitat (ecology)
  • research
  • climatic changes
  • biodiversity
  • coral reef conservation
  • marine biology
  • coral reef biology
  • fishes
  • marine fishes
  • ecology
  • marine ecology
  • algae
  • scleractinia
  • coral bleaching
  • acorpora
  • marine parks & reserves
  • anthozoa
  • dinogflagellates
  • symbiosis
  • reef fishes
  • pomacentridae
  • coral reef animals
  • reef ecology
  • sediments (geology)
  • environmental protection
  • marine organisms

Quick search tips

  • AND: it finds articles that contain both terms. Example: coral AND fish. All results with have both coral AND fish
  • OR: it combines search terms so that each search result contains at least one of the terms. For example, fish OR plant would result in either term being found in the results list.
  • Asterisk (*) : truncation (*) symbols find all forms of that word. Place the asterisk (*) at the end of a keyword word. Example: educat* will produce results that include the words education, educator, educated, etc.
  • Quotation marks " " : use " " (quotation marks) to search for a phrase. Example: "solitary cup coral" and "small feathery black coral."