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Senator Daniel K. Inouye Collection @ the UHWO Library: About the Collection

Information about Senator Daniel K. Inouye and his book collection located at the UH West O'ahu Library.

Collection Description

To the Stars autographed by the author, George Takei.

In 2013, the Senator Daniel K. Inouye Collection was given to the University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu Library by the Daniel K. Inouye Legacy Fund. This collection consists of 745 titles (mostly books with some magazines) that were gifted to the Senator by authors, colleagues, friends, and world leaders. Many of the books in this collection are autographed and personalized by the authors or the gifters.

A large number of topics are covered in this collection including international and domestic politics, healthcare, World War II history, Native American rights, and religion. The Inouye Collection also contains many books on Hawaiian history that range from pre-contact to the present day.

Searching the Inouye Collection

The Inouye Collection can currently be searched in the Advanced Search in Voyager by 1.) typing INOUYE and selecting "Holdings Keyword" and 2.) entering in your keyword in another search field. 

Screenshot of the Advanced Search in UHWO Voyager

Users can also browse through a list of titles in the collection by following this link.