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APSC 486 & HLTH 398: Health Sciences & Professions

A guide for students in APSC 486 Health Professionals Senior Project and HLTH 398 Seminar in Health Sciences

Web Search Tips

The following suggestions can help you search the web more efficiently. 

  • Search for important words only, that is words that you want to find in the search results.
  • For a more detailed search use Google Advanced Search or learn some of the ways to implement advanced search features using the basic search box. Here is how to use some of the advanced search features in the basic search box:
    • Use some of the strategies you would use to search databases:
      • Use OR to combine search words. For example: marketing OR advertising 
      • Use quotation marks to search for phrases. For example: search for "communication skills" to find web resources that include those two words as a phrase.
    • To make sure all the keywords appear in the title of your source type allintitle:your keywords and then hit enter. For example: allintitle:public speaking will retrieve results where the words public and speaking appear in the title.
    • You may also want to limit your searches to certain site domains. To do so type, for example, or in the search box before you hit enter. For example: if you search for "small business" you will get results that include "small business" as a phrase in sites that end in .gov
    • Find sites similar to a particular site you know. For example: 

Want to see some of these tips in use?

Watch our Google Search Tricks video tutorial on YouTube.