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Research and Writing (RaW): Popular Resources in Academia

Guiding you through the process of finding information - from knowing that you need certain locating, evaluating, and effectively using said information.

Popular Resources in Academia


Type What It Is Examples: Use When...


A general summary of facts, definitions, histories, statistics, and more pertaining to a particular subject or subject area. Dictionaries, Encylopaedias, Almanacs

-You need a basic overview of a topic.

-You want quick facts.

-You want to better understand a topic, which may lead you to new pathways or subjects.


An in-depth analysis of a subject, separated by chapters or sections. These are typically longer in length, requiring more time to read and comprehend the entire text. Textbooks, Academic Books, Novels

-You want comprehensive, extensively researched information.

-You're looking for an analysis of "big picture" issues.


Short works (1-20ish pages) that provide news or analysis on a specific topic. Articles are published in periodicals. Journal Articles, Magazine Articles, Newspaper Articles

-You're looking for detailed analysis and research findings from an individual study.

-You want the latest scholarly information on a topic.