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Nā Keiki Puni Moʻolelo: Get Involved

We welcome any and all inquiries, whether it concern volunteering at one of our events or making a donation to help us fund a Free Library or upcoming events! Mahalo.

Ways You Can Help

1. Donate money.
These donations will help us create and sustain these programs (e.g. supplies, prizes, book gifts, etc.).

2. Volunteer.
Those affiliated with the UH-system or the participating elementary schools are welcome to volunteer your time and energy to any of our initiatives.

3. Ask how you can promote/instill these projects in your community.
We want this program to continue branching outwards to connect communities and people with one another. Promote literacy, education, and arts with those in your community. We'd be happy to share our knowledge and work with you to make this program a success for your particular community.

4. Donate supplies or individually-packaged dry food items.
Supplies for arts and crafts (cardstock, construction paper, scissors, glue, etc) are always welcome! Individually-packaged dry food items are also utilized for volunteers and event attendees.

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